Cng Price Today in Mumbai

Compressed natural gas, or CNG, is natural gas under pressure which remains clear, odourless, and non-corrosive – and can be used as a cheaper, greener, and more efficient alternative to the traditional petrol and diesel fuels for vehicles.
Today's CNG price in Mumbai is ₹ 0.00 (Thu, 01st January 1970 )

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About CNG (Compressed Natural Gas)

CNG is comprised mostly of methane gas which, like gasoline, produces engine power when mixed with air and fed into your engine's combustion chamber. CNG is compressed so that enough fuel can be stored in your vehicle to extend driving range, much like the gasoline tank in vehicles.


When CNG reaches the combustion chamber, it mixes with air, is ignited by a spark and the and the energy from the explosion moves the vehicle.

Although vehicles can use natural gas as either a liquid or a gas, most vehicles use the gaseous form compressed to 3,000 psi.